Starting A DJ Business? 2 Things You Should Think About Before Buying Equipment

If you have a deep-seated love for music and revere the nightlife, you might be thinking about becoming a disc jockey and starting your own business. However, before you spend your savings on speakers, turntables, and complex software, you should consider the realities of the job. Here are two things you should think about before […]

Renting An Apartment: Security Measures You Can Take To Prevent Burglary

When you’re renting an apartment, a lot of normal residential security measures, like installing new windows with secure locks or paying for an alarm service, lie outside your control. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to accept that you and your possessions will be less safe until you can move into a home of […]

Entertaining At Home: Save Money On Entertainment Without Sacrificing Fun

If you remember the good old days of going to the movies every week to watch the latest new releases, you may be among a growing minority. Movie theaters have reported a sharp decline in profits due to fewer people attending screenings. Thanks to higher ticket and concession prices, many consumers just aren’t willing to fork […]

How To Easily And Inexpensively Test A Computer Power Supply For Malfunctioning

If your desktop computer isn’t powering on, then you may have a problem with the power supply. Testing the unit is simple and requires a few inexpensive tools. Below is what you need to know about power supplies, how to remove one from your computer and how to test it for proper functioning: What is […]