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Becoming More Familiar With Technology

When my wife lost her job, I knew that I was going to have to go back to school. Unfortunately, I realized that I needed to spruce up my computer skills, since it had been years since I had used a word processor. I was really devastated, and I knew that I needed to make a few changes. I enrolled in a community tech class, where we learned everything from basic computer skills to blog design. I want other people to hone their technology skills, which is why this blog is here. Read more about a litany of technology subjects by perusing these blogs.

Managing Remote Offices And Workers Abroad

13 January 2017
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Not every business needs a permanently-staffed Information Technology (IT) employee. With many businesses switching to a more agile, home or remote connection-based way of operating, an IT team doesn't need to walk to different offices or drive to a person's home for every little fix. If you're looking for IT solutions, here are a few ways that managed, remote IT support can keep your business running during any IT-related issue. Read More …

Seven FAQs To Consider When Choosing a Nanoprecision Scanner

19 December 2016
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If you need a scanner with precise nanopositioning, you may need to opt for one with piezo technology. However, before you jump in and make your final purchase, you may want to know what advantages are offered by piezo systems. 1. What is the piezo effect? When you hear about piezo scanners, systems, stages, actuators and other devices, that is referring to items with a piezoelectric effect. This happens with  a range of materials including quartz, and it simply means that the materials generate an alternating current when the exposed to vibration. Read More …

Reducing The Amount Of Ink Used For Printers And Copiers

23 November 2016
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Ink can be expensive. Whether it's a toner, solid ink, or liquid ink, each copy is going to cost your company money. But there are ways that you can reduce the amount of ink that is wasted every time you print. This is especially true when the quality of the print isn't an issue. Set the Print Quality to Low Most prints don't need to be high quality. By printing in low quality or medium quality, you can often save on ink. Read More …

Top 5 Qualities To Look For In Your Next Business Phone Provider

29 September 2016
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In order to keep your business running and efficient, it is vital that you have a telephone provider that can meet your business's phone and internet needs. Here are the top five qualities that you should look for in your next telephone and internet provider.  #1 Comprehensive Maintenance Department Your business doesn't only run from nine to five, and you need to make sure that your support for essential business resources, such as your phone and internet, doesn't run on limited hours either. Read More …

Living In A Rental Home Or Apartment? What Are Your Best Security Options?

7 September 2016
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If you live alone in a rented apartment or single-family home, you may be wondering whether installing a monitored security system would provide you with that extra bit of safety when you need it most. However, you may be reluctant to invest money in a hard-wired security system for a home or apartment you don't own (if your lease even permits you to install a security system without prior approval). Fortunately, there are a number of wireless security options that can easily come with you to your next home -- whether you purchase or continue renting. Read More …