Need a Skilled IT Department to Move In?

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Need a Skilled IT Department to Move In?

27 January 2017
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Not all businesses need to build every part of their company structure from the ground up. Unless your business is technology-centric or your leadership is tech savvy, estimating your Information Technology (IT) needs and interviewing for different ranks of the IT department structure can be more work than its worth. Experienced IT professionals and newbies alike have to get used to a new company, so why not bring an already established, cohesive IT unit to get used to your business as a team? Here are a few benefits with the full IT staff approach, as well as some situations where hiring one or two IT experts may be a better choice.

Leave the Training and Direction to the Team

One problem with sizing up IT department needs is the initial survey. A lone IT professional can go in and perform an assessment, and if the business is large enough, the journey of recruiting like-minded and skilled colleagues begins.

A technician planning an IT support structure shouldn't be worried about recruiting at the same time. During the time recruiting should be happening, an already synchronized team could be surveying everything about the new client while training the old and new technicians. Recruiting takes up a lot of phone or interview time without a guarantee of results, but a pre-existing team is already vetted to the leadership's standards.

This means that the recruiting, interviewing, and training ends when you hire the team leadership. An entire team coming onboard doesn't mean paying an entire team to flounder around while figuring things out. The survey and initial setup can be taken care of by team leader currently onboard or by a few IT employees brought onboard if the initial task is big enough.

The bigger team can be eased into the business so that the only logistical effort you'll need to use is increasing the budget from a fraction to the full, intended contract.

Changing Between Team Sizes

If your business isn't more than 20 or 30 people, you may not need an IT department of more than 2 or 3 people. The usual IT department requirements involve managing the IT infrastructure in general, as well as performing any hardware or software repairs or changes.

In some cases, the work can be done by one person, but it's best to spread the load instead of relying on the stamina or bravado of one. If you have a single technician contract that you'd like to uphold, but want to augment that technician with a bit of extra help, a business IT staffing professional can give you assistants or colleagues for the technician.

You can even select a smaller number of members from a larger, existing team. You can add more over time if your business grows or your IT needs expand. Contact a business IT professional to discuss scalable, modular IT department contracts.