3 Ways To Improve Customer's Experience With Your Field Service Technicians

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3 Ways To Improve Customer's Experience With Your Field Service Technicians

21 March 2017
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If your company has field service technicians that service the technology that you create and manage, your field service technicians are really the front line of defense for your business. They are often the first and sometimes only people that your customers interact with, which is why examining your field service technician operations is often the best way to improve your customer service. Here are three different strategies that you can try to improve your overall customer satisfaction via improvements in your field service tech office.

#1 Make Sure You Can Respond Quickly

One of the biggest complaints that customers often have about field tech service is that they have to wait days to get the on-site assistance that they need. For many customers, the technology that you provide is integral to their business operations or their life, which is why a quick response is so important.

One of the best ways to improve the response time is by making sure that you have enough staff to respond to calls in a timely manner. If you constantly have customers waiting days for in-person assistance, you need to hire and train more field techs. You may also need to invest in more advanced service scheduling software so, when your technicians are in the field, you can more accurately direct them to your next client based on their physical location and skill set.


Second, work on improving your diagnostics. If you don't already, look into installing remote sensors in your equipment so that you can run remote monitoring and diagnostics. The ability to do this can allow you to determine what is actually wrong with the equipment beyond the client's own self-diagnosis. It will allow you to remotely fix some issues with your technology and it will allow you to send your field techs out more prepared when they answer service calls.

#3 Focus On Prevention

Third, you can help improve customers' experience with field service technicians by analyzing the types of issues that your field techs most often have to respond to. If you identify one or two issues that are taking up most of your field techs time, work on seeing what systems you can put in place to stop this issue from reoccurring all the time. See if there are steps that field techs can take on every call to fix these recurring issues. Train your field techs to respond to the problem on hand and to take preventive measures on all of their calls. This can help reduce future calls, which should improve customer satisfaction.

To learn more about how you could improve your company's customer service, look into technical analysis services.