Learning To Operate Industrial Machines From Home

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Learning To Operate Industrial Machines From Home

14 April 2017
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Learning to operate certain industrial machines, such as a CNC metal fabrication machine, or a CNC router, requires quite a bit of computer programming knowledge. These machines have advanced so much that if you do not have a technical degree or several educational credits and tech certification under your belt, there is no way you will be able to operate them. Learning what you need to know takes time and money, but compared to the monumental salary increase you get when you land a job operating one of these machines, it is worth it. Here are some options that can help.

Taking Courses Online from Home

Thankfully, there are several credited courses you can take from home on your own time that can help you get started toward this shift in your career. Courses such as PLC Fundamentals training and RSLogix 5000 training can both be taken online and at your own pace. When you pass these courses, you receive a downloadable and printable certificate verifying that you have passed and that you can move on to the next set of related courses. Eventually, however, you will need to spend a little time in a classroom to get some hands-on experience running one of these industrial machines for real.

On-the-Job Training

It is rare these days for a company to do on-the-job training for industrial machines. They would much rather hire someone who already has the skills, training and certification or degree to run things on their own with minimal training. If you are indeed offered a machinist or fabrication job and the employer will pay to train you and/or reimburse you for the classes you need to take, do not hesitate to sign on to that job. You are being offered a rare opportunity to acquire skills and an education and get paid for it.

Weekend Crash Courses

Weekend warriors take it to the gym every weekend, so why not take your education to school or to a convention? Take the computer programming and machine operation courses you need all weekend and walk into an interview or work on Monday with your fresh certification. Your hard work and determination not only pays off with the classes and training you needed, but it also may impress bosses and interviewers with your willingness to give up free time to get ahead in your work life and in your chosen career path.

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