Things To Consider Before Purchasing Access Control Systems

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing Access Control Systems

25 April 2017
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Depending on the type of company you have, you may be considering installing an access control system that provides a customized and higher level of security for your workplace. Access control systems can work much better than standard locks and keys, but if you're going to invest in an access control system, there are several things to think about. Consider the following before purchasing any access control systems for your place of business:

How Often Will Non-Employees Need Access?

The type of access control system your company will need will depend on how often non-employees need to access your property. For example, vendors doing after-hour deliveries, cleaning companies, or maintenance crews may need temporary access that can be changed as needed. If this is the case, you will need to look for an access control system that has the capability to use a variety of access codes that provide temporary access.

Ability to Scale Up

Technology is continually changing, and that fact applies to access control systems as well. When investing in access control systems for your business, make sure you go with a make and model from a reputable company that can scale up year after year as technology advances. When looking at access control systems, make sure you find ones that have software that can be exchanged and upgraded as new version become available.


Today's access control systems can be quite sophisticated and advanced, and thus they need to be regularly maintained in order to work properly. Prior to purchasing any access control systems, make sure their is a maintenance service provider who is highly experienced working with and updating the specific type of access control system that you are interested in. The company that you buy the access control systems may offer maintenance package options, or they may be able to refer you to a reputable provider.


Most companies have many employees who will need to use an access control system to gain access to a facility, so it is important to buy one that can accept multiple credentials. Some access control systems require a card to be swiped to gain access, while others require a person to enter an individual code before access will be granted and the door will open. If you need an even higher level of security to help ensure that there is strict security, you can opt to purchase access control systems that require a fingerprint or eye scan.

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