4 Clutter-Free Technology Gadgets Ideal For Avid Hikers

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4 Clutter-Free Technology Gadgets Ideal For Avid Hikers

19 April 2016
 Categories: Technology, Articles

When going on long hikes, it's important to have the necessary supplies for basic safety and survival. While these supplies are often essential, many of them can create a lot of clutter and ultimately weigh down your hiking bag. Instead of adding the extra weight, you can remove a lot of the clutter and stay easily organized with four different gadgets. Each one of these accessories are ideal for hiking and can provide a lot of resources as you travel through trails, mountains, and other hiking areas. Each one can fit in your hand and will not take up too much space in your backpack.

Cell Phone Charging Case

Instead of bringing an external charger or extra battery packs on a hike, you can reduce clutter and enjoy extra power with a cell phone charging case from a company like prong. The bottom of the case features a charging port that plugs directly into the phone. A battery is installed in the case itself, which can dramatically extend the battery life of your phone in case of an emergency. Along with providing the extra power, the cases often have protective features that are ideal for hiking. Water resistance and shock absorbing materials help keep your phone from getting damaged if it is dropped or hit against something. You can find cases in a variety of basic colors along with licensed designs featuring characters, sports teams, and other aspects of pop-culture.

USB Solar Charger

Aside from your phone, you may have other devices that need a power boost while on the hiking trail. For example, if you're using a tablet or GPS to navigate around, you can easily get some extra power out of the device using a USB solar charger. These solar chargers can roll up until they are about the size of a men's wallet. This makes it easy to pack in a hiking bag. When power is needed, the solar charger can open up or unroll to reveal its panels. While pointed at the sun, the solar charger can plug into a USB device and provide instant power.

Hand-Held Water Purifier

One of the biggest things weighing you down while you hike is the multiple water bottles that you bring for the trip. Instead of packing all of these bottles, you can access fresh water and drink it from a single cup that you pack in your bag. A battery operated, handheld water purifier will use technology to clean the water and make it safe enough to drink. The small device can treat up to 150 liters of water before needing new batteries, covering your drinking needs for multiple hiking trips. When using a device like this, it takes around 90 seconds before the water is fully purified and ready to drink. This gives you access to natural drinks from streams, rivers, or lakes that you come across.

Battery Powered Multi-Tool

As you travel through trails and forests, you may find yourself in need of a flashlight, knife, scissors, or a random tool like a pair of pliers. Instead of packing all of these items individually, you can reduce your clutter and get everything all in one with a battery powered multi-tool.  There are a number of designs for multi-tools, but a lot of them feature an LED flashlight for the main portion with various tools folded into the handles. With key chain attachments, it's easy to keep the multi-tool on a belt-loop or attached to a zipper on your hiking bag. When shopping for these tools, make sure that you read all of the included tools on the one you want to purchase. For example, some may feature nail clippers while others feature a can opener. Choose the one that best fits your needs while hiking.

By minimizing the clutter while you hike, you can spend more time enjoying nature and reducing the strain on your body.