3 Questions To Ponder When Choosing A Mobile Device Charging Station

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3 Questions To Ponder When Choosing A Mobile Device Charging Station

6 July 2016
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Whether your household harbors a bevy of smartphones and computer tablets or a solitary iPhone lives under your roof, choosing a smart way to charge your device (or devices) is imperative. While there may be a few options available to choose from, how can you make the right choice for you and your family? Do you know what sets one apart from the other? Before you bring home the charging station, be informed and consider the following questions:

1. Should You Choose a Desktop Charging Station or An Organizer Caddy Charger?

Most desktop charging station designs are compact and portable. Caddies and organizer charging stations offer more than charging capabilities, however. Here is what to consider before making your choice:

  • A Desktop Charging Station: Do you have several smartphones and a few computer tablets in your household? If so, it makes sense to buy one unit that will charge all the devices at once if need be, yet take up minimal space, if this is a concern. Buying a station that can handle several devices at once rather than choosing a few individual chargers or stands may save you space and money, and may also free up the electrical outlets in your home. While the desktop model can handle several devices to be charged simultaneously, it is basically a box with USB ports and nothing more, making this unit lightweight and compact. You may find that a five or seven port USB model will be ideal, as you can charge all your household devices, including smartphones, phablets and tablets at the same time, using most any standard USB cable that you already own. It's a good idea to choose a model with more ports than less, as you may acquire more mobile devices sometime in the future.

    For convenience, choose a unit with USB ports that are labeled. The label will state what each port is designated for, such as a smartphone or tablet, as each device may require different amperage outputs. The amperage output of a port will determine how fast the device is being charged. Also keep in mind that a multi-device desktop charging station doesn't typically offer a dock or charging caddy for organization. You'll simply place your mobile device next to the charging station as it's being charged.

  • Charging Station With Caddy Organizer: If you prefer a model that will hold your tablet or smartphone neatly while being charged, preventing it from being knocked over and falling to the floor, choose a charging station with caddy and organizer. This will also keep accessories such as cables, earbuds and the mobile devices neatly organized in a designated spot. Some charging caddies also may be ideal for holding loose charge and keys as well. Bear in mind, these stations are often bulkier than the basic wall charging USB port unit, therefore they my require more space to set up.

2. What About Fast Charging Technology?

Does your mobile device offer fast charging capability? This means your mobile device may charge at a fraction of the time standard charging requires. If your device has that technology built in, you might want to consider a charging station or hub that takes full advantage of this technology. To choose a charging station with ports designed with the necessary circuitry for fast charging, look for the labeling on the package.

3. Do You Need More Capacity, Yet Don't Have Much Space?

Suppose you had eight mobile devices in your home that needed charging at once. Maybe you don't have the space for such a unit. A smart solution is to purchase a high-capacity wall mounted charging station. Complete with the necessary hardware, simply mount it to the wall and free up desk space. These are a bit more pricey than most standard charging stations, but for a busy household or for a small business or company, it's worth considering.

Look for a local retailer that sells iPhone charging stations for more info