Online Sales: 4 Ways to Reduce Costs & Enable Fast Shipping Options

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Online Sales: 4 Ways to Reduce Costs & Enable Fast Shipping Options

21 February 2017
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Online sales can help offer a lot of companies easy ways to reduce overhead costs, make a direct product, and get your product to the masses. As your sales grow, it's important to have a strategy in place that can help reduce costs and turn a bigger profit for every shipment that you make.

One way to help with this is by making contact with strategic procurement sourcing consultants. These consultants have a number of services that will make it easier to manage online sales and control a lot of the aspects with your company. Learning about these different options can help you choose the best types of services for your business.

Package Printing & Supplies

When customers order from your business, they want to have a personal and memorable experience. One way to help with this is by choosing package and shipping supplies with custom branding designs. A strategic procurement sourcing consultant can help set you help with a professional printing company that has a number of product solutions. They can provide you with custom boxes, tissue paper, and even packing tape.

Custom packing tape can feature product advertisements, logos, and even coupon codes for future orders. This allows people to know exactly what they have ordered and will allow them to immediately associate your business with the branding that you supply.

Bulk Mailing Services

Managing a few dozen orders a day is typically no problem. When those orders multiply, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the different options. This is where a professional consultant can come in. By finding the cheapest bulk mailing options, your business can easily manage orders and get them shipped out in an appropriate amount of time. For example, you can set up an express mailing account that makes it easy to print postage labels and have packages picked up daily by a courier.

If you have multiple warehouses or separate purchase orders from retail places, then you can set up services to help handle truckloads of items. If you do not have enough inventory to handle a full truckload, then you can look into alternative options like LTL or less than truckload shipping. By getting a good service contract, you can dramatically cut shipping costs and still provide all of your goods to consumers as needed.

Customer Service Management

As you sell products online, yo will be dealing with customers in a lot of different ways. This includes emails, telephone calls, and social medias posts and reviews. Managing all of these customers can be a long and hard process. Instead of wasting your valuable time dealing with little problems or questions, you can use consultant services to help outsource your customer service needs.

Services can be set up to handle live online chats, email inquires, and phone calls. Not only can this help eliminate a lot of your own work, but it can really help increase customer response time and leave everyone happy about their very requests.

Shipping Centers

Your home or a small office may not have enough space to handle shipments once your business grows. When choosing a shipping center, you want a warehouse location that is affordable and can really help your business grow.

This is where a consulting service comes in. They can help find an affordable warehouse, set up an ideal leasing deal, and get your company operating in a short amount of time. By having a shipping center, your products can stay organized, you can ship how you want to, and the whole thing can be run with cost-saving options all across the board.

Contact strategic procurement sourcing consultants to find out more information about how their services work and can cater to your specific business.